[The Injustice Blog] will the government ever solve the problems of striking university staff?

gerald February 14, 2018

It must be really exhausting living as a student in a Nigerian student in a public university. It isn’t bad enough that University lecturers routinely sexually harass female students and male students are forced to bribe lecturers to get a decent grade, the school’s basic amenities are at best manageable and an emphasis on theoretical knowledge with little or no opportunities to practicalize leaves students completely hamstrung in the real world, we also have to worry about striking University staff.  Barring any change of decision by the non academic unions in the university of Lagos, the celebration of Unilag’s milestone 50th convocation ceremony may not hold as scheduled.

Already, they’ve promised to picket the institution on the said date and this has set the university in disarray. The situation at the university of Lagos is pathetic. It’s pathetic because the causative factors of these strikes are known but government has chose to stay aloof and allow the rot to continue.

It really doesn’t take a stretch of the imagination to see why Nigerian politicians and lawmakers dont care about the state of our universities, majority of them have their wards studying outside the country and this has prevented them from ever being truly invested in the improvement of our universities. They’ve never seen education as the most important social amenities that needs to be provided.

The government will rather spend billions on roads and rail while peanuts is allocated to the universities, a careful analysis of yearly budgetary provisions shows some Federal institutions have less than 2 Billion naira as their capital allocations while the Aso villa consumes more than that.

Challenges facing Nigerian workers have never been attended to by the government as expected, all they’ve done is window dressing as the federal government will never hold a round table or a seminar geared towards reposition our tertiary institutions.

The only time the government shows interest in the institutions is when the workers are on strike, as the unabated continuation of the strike will affect their political capital not really for the interest of the students nor the workers.

Immediately the strike is called off, the federal government will look the other way round as the signed MOU’s will be abandoned and won’t be remembered until the next strike and the cycle continues. As a result, the problems remain unsolved.

Will the government ever care about what happens in our universities or will they only take notice when everything goes to hell in a handbasket?

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