[The Church Blog] Wait o! Funke Adejumo was not at the Experience

gerald December 1, 2017
Funke Adejumo

You know, It actually just dawned on us that one of our all-time faves; Mummy Funke Adejumo was not at The Experience 2017. So, it has almost become a yearly tradition for Funke Adejumo to grace The Experience with her presence and lead us in prayers. We can’t even lie about this – we missed mummy Funke Adejumo. We still do.

Funke Adejumo has, in the past few years distinguished herself as passionate when it comes to matters of Faith and women. And we absolutely love her for that. If we could put out a list of those whose impact we have felt massively in the past few years, mummy will make the list.

From the way she succinctly carries herself to how she drops those punchline points, we missed everything about her yesterday.

Not that we didn’t enjoy The Experience – we absolutely did. We know that of a truth, God was still glorified at The Experience and people were blessed. It just felt a bit out of place not seeing her.

Right here, right now, we say a word for his icon of grace; Funke Adejumo.

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