This book is a collection of computer and ICT materials that will greatly improve your knowledge and also for real life application


About Series

The Series of Books, Computer and ICT for All, consists of 2 books in Volume 1 and Volume 2. The 2 books are written by this author to introduce any novice to the basics of computers and ICT. The overall aim of the series is to provide necessary introduction for all on Computer and ICT.
The language adopted in the series makes it easy for all readers to prepare themselves for the understanding of the concepts of Computer and ICT in general.

Volume 1.
The topics covered in Volume 1 include Ages and Technology, Data and Information, Information Transmission, Information Evolution, Data Processing, Development of ICT, Word Processing, Basic Computer Concepts and ICT in Every Day Life.

Volume 2
In Volume 2, these topics were covered: Graphic Packages, ICT as a Transformational Tool, Internet Basics, Internet Environment, ICT Ethics and Safety Measures, Internet Search Engines, the Spreadsheets, the Database, the Digital Divide, Computer Viruses and solution, Worksheets and Graphs, Human Issues in ICT, Creating a Web Page, Online Activities and Common Terms in Computer.

About the Author

The author, Sunny Emmanuel Akintomide Olamilokun, has written many books on computer, ict and leadership since 1998. His books, Computer and ICT Studies for Junior Secondary Schools Books 1 to 3 and Workbooks 1 to 3 are currently in use in many secondary schools in Nigeria. His book, Computer Studies for Secondary Schools is also in circulation both at the secondary school and as EBook (electronic version.)

The author is a retired naval officer from the Nigerian Navy where he rose to the rank of commodore and became the head of the Naval Education Directorate where he served for more than 4 years. He was the first commandant of the Nigerian Navy Secondary School Abeokuta (1990 to 1993) where he introduced computer for management of finances and for word processing. At the Armed Forces Command and Staff College Nigeria where he was a Directing Staff and Chief Instructors (1995 TO 1998) and (2001 to 2002) respectively, he coordinated the use of computer for word processing and presentation. At the Directorate of Naval Education (2003 to 2008), he computerized the procurement of books and admission processes during his watch.

The author attended Ilesa Grammar School, Ilesa where he obtained Division 1. He graduated from the University of Lagos in 1978 with a Second Class Upper Class in Mathematics.
He obtained MSc from the University of Ibadan and was educated as a naval instructor from Royal Naval School of Education Technology Portsmouth UK in 1981.
He is a fellow of National War College, fwc, Member of Nigerian Institute of Management MNIM and a Member of US Naval Institute (MUSNI).

He is decorated with psc+, Distinguished Service Star DSS, Meritorious Service Star MSS and Forces Service Star FSS. Presently (Feb 2018), he is a consultant on ICT, Education and Management

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